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Fast-to-install concrete-mixing plant SB-251N which needs no foundation

New development of PJSC Betonmash designing deparment


Demonstration of SB-242-5K planetary-rotory  concrete mixer operation


Demonstration of SB-242-8M planetary-rotory concrete mixer operation



Concrete-mixing plants SB-241А and SB-241B

The main features of a 241 series are low metal consumption, small size, high performance, reliability and user-friendly operation.

Concrete-mixing plant SB-242-10

SB-242-10 is a planetary-rotory counterflow compulsory mixer. It is intended for producing concrete mixes and building mortars as well as other mixes in construction, glass, foundry and chemical industries.


SMS-1 mixer for dry construction mixes

Are intended to be installed in technological lines of building materials plants


Planetary-rotory mixer operating principle

Planetary-rotory mixer operating principle shown using the example of SB-242-10 manufactured by PJSC Betonmash.