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About us


The history of PJSC Betonmash plant began on April 23, 1941, when an auto repair factory was granted a status of an enterprise with an independent balance.

In November 1946 the plant was renamed to “Slavyanskiy mechanical plant”, later in 1947 – to “Construction machinery plant”.

The plant contributed a lot into a post-war reconstruction: more than 300 mobile concrete-mixing plants were used in construction works of Gorkovskaya, Kuybyshevskaya, Novosibirskaya, Kievskaya and other hydro-electric power stations.

The products of “Slavyanskiy mechanical plant” were famous with their reliability, and thanks to this fact they were exported to 40 countries: India, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Iraq, Cuba etc.

In 1986 the 6-time increase of export in comparison to 1964 was registered. The number of countries, importing products of “Slavyanskiy mechanical plant”, numbered 50. The product range was constantly growing and being renewed.

In 1991 the plant was given a new name “Betonmash”.

Nowadays except for Ukrainian enterprises, the buyers of the PJSC Betonmash products are constructors from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Baltic countries (Latvia and Lithuania) and Middle East (Libya and Lebanon), Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan.


PJSC Betonmash has special recreation facilities for the employees, their children and all the persons interested. SOSENKI recreation centre is situated in the Svyatye Gory National park 25 km from Slavyansk and 3 km from Svyatogorsk. Our guests live in 2- and 3-storey houses, as well as 12 cottages. Sosenki recreation centre can offer all the things needed for active recreation and pleasant pastime.

Not far from the recreation centre there is an ORLENOK children’s camp, offering educational and interesting activities for children and teenagers. Orlenok children’s camp is a possibility to spend time alone with nature, experiencing a health-improving effect.


For almost 10 years our company has been supportingsocial projects.

- athletic run “Meeting friends” (since 2004). The goal of this event is to popularize sport and healthy way of life.

- Chayka aeromodeling club is an organization of young aircraft modellists, supported by our company. During the cooperation of PJSC Betonmash and Chayka aeromodeling club the members of the club have won contests in Donetsk region and Ukraine, besides they have placed high at European contests.